Meridian Tapping is for everyone! This page is about a hands-on and cost efficient way to improve your life. You will learn how to easily access and release the painful and stagnant emotions that have kept you stuck. We can address Public Speaking, Addictions, Grief, Money, Phobias, Depression, Allergies, Cravings, Physical Pain and Many More.

This is an opportunity to apply EFT/Meridian Tapping and actually realize a change in yourself. I sincerely hope that you will do this for you… and maybe even pass it on to someone else. I think you are worth helping. I’ve created some more EFT videos. You can find them on my YouTube channel.

The Basic Recipe

Here are the points to tap on:

KC= Karate Chop point. The soft pad on the side of the hand at the base of both little fingers used as the set up point or for correcting reversals.

 EB= Eyebrow point-,at the beginning of the eyebrow, above the nose.

 SE= Side of the Eye, on the bone bordering the outside of the eye.

 UE= Under the Eye, on the cheek bone directly under the eye.

 UN= Under Nose, in the center of the area between the nose and top lip.

 CH= Chin, in the center between the bottom lip and bottom of the chin.

 CB= Collarbone, right under your collarbone, about 3” from the center.

 UA= Under the Arm, on the side of the body about 4”s below the armpit.

 LP=Liver Point, 2” under your breast on both sides. Often skipped.

TH= Top of the head- the crown point is toward the back. 

Before you begin remember to assess your level of distress (0-10), and choose your set-up statement.

1. The Set-up. Use the KC point while speaking the set-up statement. “Even though I have this (insert your issue), I Acknowledge, Love and Accept all parts of myself. Repeat this step 3 times.                   

2. The Sequence. Gently Tap through the points (5-7 times) while saying a reminder phrase like “This (insert issue)”.  Example; “This fear of _____”, “My anger that _____”, “This pain in my ______” etc.

3. Reassess your intensity level (1-10) and perform Subsequent Rounds – If you are continuing on the same topic you may change the set-up set statement to something like: “Even though there is still (whatever the issue is …) I deeply and completely accept myself” Repeat 3 times. Then, repeat the tapping sequence with an altered reminder statement of “still some of this_____” or” remaining issue”  

Test Your Results Check your completion by trying to get upset over the issue. If there’s any remaining charge do step 3, or all the steps on a related aspect if necessary to completely resolve the issue.

Keep repeating these steps until you’re at an intensity of zero.  Test yourself. Think about the issue or incident to see if there’s still any intensity… that is, your number is a 1 or more.  If it is still an issue complete the sequence again or use the 9 point gamut sequence.

Gamut Point Technique

The Gamut point and Finger points are not shown on the diagram.

“9 Point Gamut” – You only need to do this part of the sequence if an issue seems to be stuck. It balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Locate the gamut point on the back of your hand. It is between the little finger and ring finger knuckles and down about an inch. Continue tapping on that spot while repeating a reminder phrase and doing the following sequence: 

1. & 2. Close your eyes tightly, then open them wide (remember to keep tapping and saying the reminder phrase during the whole gamut process)

3. & 4. While keeping your head straight & still and using your eyes only, look down hard to the right, then down & to the left.  

5. & 6. Roll your eyes around in a big circle as if looking at all the numbers on a big clock. Roll your eyes around in the opposite direction (Keep tapping and saying the reminder statement).

7. Hum for 2 seconds a familiar song like “Happy Birthday” or “Jingle Bells”.

8. Count rapidly from 1 to 6 while moving your eyes from the floor to the ceiling.

9. Hum again for 2 seconds of the song

Test Your Results. 

Note: If you get stuck and are not getting the results you want, the reason may be one of the following items.

1. You may have a Polarity or Psychological Reversal – try tapping on the karate chop point for your set up statement, saying emphatically “Even though, for some reason I don’t REALLY want to let go of (this issue), I completely accept myself anyway”.  Sounds odd, but using the KC & more emphasis in the set up can make the difference.

2. You may be dehydrated. You should be drinking plenty of water each day. EFT is adjusting the body’s energy (electrical) system and electricity is conducted by water.  Drink some water and try EFT again. This is the most common cause of EFT appearing not to work.

3. You may be stating your issue in too general of terms.  Be more specific, i.e. Even though: “…my father hit me when I was 6”, “…I have this sharp pain in my left knee”, “…I’m mad at my brother, for lying about…”

4. You may have sensitivity to a substance that’s blocking your progress. You may need to see an EFT practitioner to figure out this one, unless you know what your sensitivity is – then go ahead & start tapping for that (& the emotions around being sensitive to that substance) first. 

EFT works about 90% of the time, far more than any other type of therapy. So if you’re having problems, it’s most likely to be for ”mechanical” reasons. So, ask for help when you need it!

Ask & Receive

This is something else that is easily applied and easily amplified by adding acupressure point (EFT) tapping. You might find this useful for yourself or for passing along. I thought I’d share it and let you evaluate it for yourself. It is called Ask & Receive and was developed by Sandi Radomski.  This is My summary of the A&R technique.

1. Identify what the problem is- put it into a sentence. Something like “I am very  stressed about ______ right now.” or “I am very anxious about_____. ” or “I am having trouble _______.” or “My body is holding on to excess weight.” or ” I do not process my food, nutrients or medications properly.” 

Each of these should be processed separately. You are giving your mind and body a focus statement- simple pictures & ideas work best.

2. Then say out loud Something like “Even though I am currently very stressed about____right now, I KNOW that there is a part of my being that knows how to (relax, let go & resolve this challenge). In fact, I know there is a part of me that has the resources necessary to resolve this and has already done so.”

3. Next ask out loud some version of “I ask for that part of me, that has this knowledge, & has already resolved this situation, to inform my body, mind, and soul of this change. How to heal & that this trauma has stopped happening. That I am safe, and it is safe for me to be in my body.” I add “Inform my body, mind, and soul on all levels and in all directions of time”.

4. Next acknowledge that “I know that this part of me is willing to do so and has already begun to share this energy and information.” 

5.Then, still out loud, “I choose to receive this energy and information transfer in my body, mind and soul.” 

6. Close with, “Energy transfer is now complete.” You can also give thanks to the part of you that shared 🙂

7. After that is to check in again with your original statement and see what comes up next (related issues) to take through this Ask & Receive process or continue tapping for.

Give it a try, and let me know what changes for you.  

I would sit down and spend an hour on this with you. I think you are worth helping. I sincerely hope that you will do this for you… and maybe even pass it on to someone else. 

Private session are a stand-alone experience tailored to fit your needs. You get to pick your focus topic and experience first hand how quickly tapping can provide emotional relief and open space for new possibilities. Intuitive Healing Sessions with me are usually a blending of my skills and training to assist my clients in releasing pain and accessing inner resource states. 
Tapping can assist you in releasing anxiety, addiction, phobias, insomnia, and even chronic pain. 

When you are ready experience change, let’s get together to gracefully change what isn’t working for you.

Bless Your Heart, 

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