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Therapeutic Massage increases circulation and improves lymphatic drainage, aiding with the removal of toxins from the body & boosting the immune system. Massage is relaxing for the mind, aiding with sleep problems and stress related disorders. It reduces blood pressure; relieves pain and muscle tension; improves mood, intellectual reasoning and job performance.  

90 min Traditional Swedish, or Deep Tissue massage blended with the Symphony of Possibilities, Access Consciousness Bars, Energetic Facelift, ESSE, Theta Healing, or Reiki. You may choose the combination, or allow Katherine to channel something original for your body that day.  

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Side Lying or Pregnancy Massage

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Side-lying Massage will support the uterine ligaments, prevent excess pressure on the uterus and vena cava (the main source of oxygen and nutrition for the baby) while allowing the mother to rest.
This 1 hr service is a way of providing increased circulation, improving lymphatic drainage, aiding with the removal of toxins from the body & boosting the immune system. Massage reduces blood pressure; relieves stress, pain, and muscle tension; improves mood, and intellectual reasoning.

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Hot Stone Massage

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Hot stone massage employs a variety of Swedish Massage strokes and techniques using the stones and hands. Your muscles will be relaxed by the heat of the stones as Katherine physically and energetically releases your tension and fatigue.

** This 90 min service is not suitable for clients with recent sunburn, frostbite, or other current medical conditions.

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Any questions, please feel to free to email Katherine at [email protected]

The Energy Shifting Intensive.

Are you ready to have what you’ve been seeking?
Focused facilitation, massage, body work and resonance shifting around any topic. This is the essence of a weekend retreat wrapped into a personalized one on one treatment. 

3hrs of magic with Katherine will dynamically alter your reality.

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